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Urban Solid Waste Management In Ohio

When anything is thrown or abandoned as a result of human consumption and development, it is referred to as waste. Unlike household waste, municipal solid waste (MSW) can come from a variety of sources, including residential, commercial, healthcare, health, industrial, and institutional settings. The level of municipal solid waste (MSW) created by a community’s residents […]

the state of Ohio

Ohio is a vibrant, energetic American state… in constant development. Whether you are a tourist or a resident, Ohio offers you the opportunity to have an unparalleled American experience with a low cost of living, a high level education system and four true seasons! it’s the perfect place to be successful in the United States. […]

Setting up a waste management sector in Columbus

Waste management is one of the main issues for the future. Indeed, for all Ohio households, we thus arrive at 6 million tonnes of waste produced each year. And waste production is growing in the USA by around 1% per year. In 2014 in the State of Ohio, the weight of waste per inhabitant was […]