Ohio is a vibrant, energetic American state… in constant development.

Whether you are a tourist or a resident, Ohio offers you the opportunity to have an unparalleled American experience with a low cost of living, a high level education system and four true seasons! it’s the perfect place to be successful in the United States.

In Ohio you will find:

16 urban areas, including the cities of Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus
More than 200 universities
The best medical centers in the world
7 airports
74 regional parks
7 major league sports teams
A dynamic and diversified economy

4th largest interstate highway network. 60% of the American and Canadian population live within a radius of 1000 km.

13 intermodal terminals linked to the 4th largest railway network in operation in the United States.

9 commercial ports on Lake Erie and several terminals along the Ohio River. The only state in the Midwest with a direct sea link to Europe for containers and heavy goods.

7 commercial airports and 97 general aviation airports.

The greatest presence of foreign trade zones in the Midwest.

Some facts about Ohio


12 billion USD in total annual investment in research and development

268,000 + Ohio residents employed by global companies


9 Weekly international 747 and 777 cargo flights provide global air freight connectivity

Unmatched resources to reach another level of Success.
Ohio has a competitive edge to help businesses succeed and grow quickly, including through:

A powerful business climate offering stability and predictability. Ohio’s $ 2 billion budget reserve, moderate taxes and low operating costs help businesses succeed in a thriving economy.

An integrated transport infrastructure, connecting highways, intermodal facilities, airports, waterways thanks to low-cost energy, and allowing companies to supply themselves with raw materials, to produce, to meet the needs of their customers more efficiently and profitability.

A skilled workforce made up of 5.7 million individuals renowned for their productivity and conscientiousness. The 200 state establishments (schools, high schools, universities) provide talent ready to occupy the positions of tomorrow.

A strong research and innovation network, made up of collaborative public and private organizations, accessible academic and clinical resources, and business supporters, helping Ohio businesses promote their competitive advantage.

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