If you’re looking for a place to dispose of your waste, landfills are not the best option. There is a shortage of landfill space, and most of them do not do a good job of encouraging decomposition. If you want to do your part to keep trash out of landfills, here are some ideas:


Compost piles, on the other hand, are warm, wet, & aerated enough to encourage the decomposition of biodegradable materials. Paper, cardboard, wood, pet hair, & kitchen scraps are all biodegradable and can be composted, although it’s better to avoid items like pet waste or meat leftovers.


As a result of recycling, raw materials are kept in circulation throughout the lifecycles of various products. It’s also a terrific way to save energy, as recycling metal uses 95% less energy than mining ore to make a can. In the absence of recycling, a fantastic method to keep reusable items from out landfills is to support businesses that recycle industrial materials & repurpose recycled products. Paper, some plastics, glass, metal, steel, electronics, batteries, tyres, and light bulbs can all be recycled.


In order to reduce landfill waste, it is important to avoid single-use products. Reusable water bottles outlast throwaway water bottles by thousands of times with just one cloth. When possible, look for options that can be used for many purposes.

Products That Have Been Concentrated

Products like beverages and home cleaners can be purchased in concentrated form and blended using water before use. Compared to traditional items, these ones allow you to get numerous more uses from the same container. A concentrated soap bottle can create a hundred bottles of soap before it needs to be changed, whereas a bottle of normal soap can only produce ten or more washes.

By Making A Contribution

In many cases, goods meant for the trash can still be used. Tossed out because of fading or shrinking are some examples of dress clothing. Donating usable items helps the environment by diverting them from landfills and make them accessible to those in need. Donations are much appreciated.

Although landfills serve a crucial service, landfill space would not be an inexhaustible commodity. Most things can be recycled or reused in some capacity, and for those that can’t, there are usually other options for their disposal. Your waste can be reduced by using the proper items and recycling, composting and giving what you no longer need.

Take Part In Electronic Recycling.

The amount of electronic and electrical trash, known as WEEE or e-waste, is steadily increasing, so instead of discarding your cell phone, tablet, or any other gadget, deposit it in the designated bins. To avoid harming the environment with harmful compounds and non-biodegradable ingredients, electronic recycling is essential.

What are your thoughts on this concept? Organize a WhatsApp group of friends under the banner of “Green Day” or go out with them to drop off recyclables at shopping malls or waste collection agencies. There is no place for e-waste in a conventional disposal.